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Parth Bhalla with Rajasthan's Chief Minister - Vasundhara Raje

Parth Bhalla is a 17-year-old entrepreneur & has been a part of the Professional Gaming, Blockchain, IOT & AI world for the past 6 Years. Parth has Professional Experience in Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks, Project Startups, e-Sports, Mass Media, Shared Ledger Technologies, Skill Building Training & Young Entrepreneurship.

Parth is the Patent Holder, CEO & Owner of ProjectThreely (Threely) which is an all-in-one blockchain based solution which is relatively new, yet very powerful - Threely is being promoted various leading organisations along with a Political Party based Denmark to its 5 Million Citizens. Threely is also associated with one of biggest financial institutions in the world, EST Capital. ProjectThreely is a project very dear to Parth Bhalla and one of Parth's biggest projects to ever hit the market.

Parth also founded, Innovate Future (IF) - A Platform for like-minded young entrepreneurs which is on a mission to promote young entrepreneurship aswell as young skill building across India - Parth is also associated with Delhi's Ministry of Education in Promoting the same to millions of students. Parth also Co-Founded the Learning Hotspot Initiative which got announced on the Stages of Rajasthan's Biggest IT Gathering by Rajasthan's Former Chief Minister Hon'ble Vasundhara Raje & Principal of DOIT&C, Mr. Akhil Arora. 

Patent  Holder at 16
Spreading Entrepreneurial Mindset 

 Blockchain, AI & Gaming with Mass Media

Professional ESports Player & Content Creator   Certified  Trainer & NLP Master Practitioner

Microsoft Student Partner

assoc. with Delhi's Ministry of

Education & through IF Seminars

Youngest Blockchain


Being the only high school

student accepted!

Parth Bhalla is also a Certified Nuero-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner & Trainer. Parth focuses on spreading the "Out of the box" mindset by Innovate Future Workshops & Seminars. Parth's innovations have been addressed on various platforms like F6S, StartupBootCamp, Rajasthan Patrika, CNBC & Various Indian News Outlets.

Parth also has vast knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IOT, Stock Charts, Business, Leadership & Motivational Training.

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Hey, I'm Parth and I'm from Delhi, India. I've always been into exploring new things. Curisoty basically drives me. Wether it be new toys to play with or new gadgets to use, I was always curious on how things worked and making new things out of them. Thanks to my dad, for all the things he bought me which I eventually ended up breaking, but at the end learning from since 7. I experimented alot, from RC Toys, DIY Robots to making my own AI Bots, RC Planes & a game created in an engine similar to Unity called CryEngine at the age of 11. At 12 I into computing more than mechanical things, then got into gaming at the age of 13, I played on very casually Xbox which later on turned into a professional esports journey. Gaming ended up me making a lot of money and popularity in the industry and FPS-RPG-MMO genre. I also created content with more than 1 Million Players interacted with and learnt from. I pursued professional gaming till I was 15 after which I got into Blockchain & AI; what a different shift of fields. Gaming actually helped me figure out a lot of aspects of a business, Most importantly; How to get a person hooked onto something & the psychology behind it. 


Then, I got into blockchain and a year in, I came up with the concept of Threely. It took me 2 years of smart work to complete that project. It felt like all the stars aligned when Threely got associated with EST Capital. They plan on promoting Threely along with their upcoming EST International Bank in various parts of the world, Threely being one of their core technologies in the ecosystem. During those 2 years, I worked on various Projects - an Esports promoting platform India in particular, a Movie Funding platform called Moventz, a blockchain based game publishing platform called Netaites & a couple projects that got scratched off the list eventually. Around 8 months ago, I ended up founding Innovate Future - a network of like minded young entrepreneurs. I recently did 2 seminars in India's Education hub Kota, Rajasthan on the top Skill Building & Young Entrepreneurship which honestly received a lot of love. Delhi's Ministry of education ended up associating with me to promote the same through their newly launched Entrepreneurial Mindset curriculum. Then I came up with the idea of IM17AE Podcast to promote this mindset more and globally. There's actually a tons of more stories to share but i've been told to keep this short. So in a nutshell,

Through everything, I've learned that walking on the traditional path isn't what I was built for. I always meant to do something which was unique and different. Made me realize how things expand, From a tiny simple Idea on a notebook can turn into a big technology that even banks adopt. I'm just really into finance and banking for which, I plan more projects in the future.

Parth is an all time promoter of Young Entrepereneurhsip Mindest and "Out of the box" Mindset.

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