Parth Bhalla
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Parth Bhalla

A 19-year-old entrepreneur born into tech.

More than half a decade in blockchain, AI, gaming, neuroeconomics, and public speaking.

I've always been a creator - been in tech and entrepreneurship ever since I got introduced to the internet. I started my projects and ventures independently and from ground zero. Self-learning is my superpower.

I'm a UX freak. I strive to make people's lives easier and more accessible. Fluent, fast and rich experiences - and here I am building Threely. I'm the founder and CEO of Threely. We are on a mission to make Web3 accessible to all. Threely's infrastructure for businesses and end-users makes Web3 intuitive, hassle-free, and accessible to anybody. (

I love building. I built a 6-figure startup at the age of 14. I'm the youngest Microsoft Ambassador in the World. Love dabbling around with Microsoft's products, mainly AI and blockchain, and present tech keynotes, here and there. I also was the youngest tech partner at a Swiss bank at the age of 17. Experimenting and spearheading blockchain architecture.

In 2020, I led Project Hetu, a non-profit network working toward Covid-19 relief. Hetu called upon 260 Individuals and organizations and helped 50+ hospital chains and thousands of patients.


I'm also the youngest entrepreneur on the entrepreneurship committee of the Govt. of India and a Coach at Business Blasters - the World's largest student startup program. Also, a board member of the Learning Hotspot Initiative - endorsed by Rajasthan’s Chief Minister, Hon’ble Vasundhara Raje.

Parth Bhalla at Rajasthan Digifest Hackathon

Invitation on board by Rajasthan's Chief Minister & the Department of IT for my venture P2P Learning Hotspots. Alongside chairman of Manipal, T.V. Mohandas Pai, and the world's youngest billionaire - Ritesh Agarwal.


My story

I belong to a family of an entrepreneurial dad, a homemaking mom, an elder sister, and a 5-year-old Persian cat. In 2014, we moved to Kota, Rajasthan, a small, traditional city known for its tuition institutes. I consider myself lucky to have experienced a grand range of cultures.

Growing up influenced by my dad, I began experimenting at a young age. Making AI bots at 9, drones at 11, birthing businesses at 14, to patenting my technology at 16. Experimenting exhilarates me the most. Experimenting day and night propelled me to Threely. Then, Threely spurred me to become a multifaceted entrepreneur.

In 2018, my city, Kota, took the lives of 3 students I once knew within five days.

No matter how big, Kota has the country’s most cut-throat and traditional education system. This system thrives on the conventional mentality of Indians—an obsession with medicine and engineering. 


Witnessing my atmosphere, I took the duty of making a dent in this system upon my shoulders. With my workshops on ‘Young Entrepreneurship & Skill Building,’ I spent the next year educating students and their parents about opportunities aside from the two. I consider myself fortunate to have impacted 3000, if not the millions of students coming to Kota every year. 

I understand the struggles of not being able to express curiosity in a conventional environment,
which is why, with every next idea, every next initiative, I strive to empower curious minds. I don't know for certain how much impact I have on people's lives, but I do know that it has a powerful rippling effect on every tomorrow.