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Parth Bhalla
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Parth Bhalla

A 20-year-old founder born into tech.

Spent half my life building in blockchain, AI, gaming, neuroeconomics, and public speaking.

I am an avid proponent of intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge. With a background in technology and entrepreneurship, I have honed a proclivity for self-directed learning and the ability to adeptly tackle complex problems.

I'm a UX freak. I strive to make people's lives easier and more accessible. Fluent, fast and rich experiences - and here I am building Threely. I'm the founder and CEO of Threely. We are on a mission to create a gateway to Web3. Building and helping developers build Web3's most fluent apps. (

I'm a born experimenter. Throughout my career, I have actively sought out opportunities to challenge my cognitive and creative faculties. I built a 6-figure startup when I was fourteen, went uphill from there, worked with two governments, and created India's largest blockchain used by millions. I'm the youngest Microsoft Ambassador in the World. I
 was also the youngest tech partner at a Swiss bank at the age of seventeen. Experimenting and spearheading blockchain architecture.

In 2020, I led Project Hetu, a non-profit network working toward Covid-19 relief. Hetu called upon 260 engineers and organizations and helped 50+ hospital chains and 100,000+ patients across India.


I'm also the youngest entrepreneur on the entrepreneurship committee of the Govt. of India and a Coach at Business Blasters - the World's largest student startup program. Also, a board member of the Learning Hotspot Initiative - endorsed by Rajasthan’s Chief Minister, Hon’ble Vasundhara Raje.

In my leisure time, I indulge in activities that stimulate my mind, such as traveling, gaming, and exploring the metaphysical and transcendental aspects of existence with spirituality and psychedelics. As I move forward, I aim to continue fostering intellectual growth and making meaningful contributions to my field and the community.

Parth Bhalla at Rajasthan Digifest Hackathon

Invitation on board by Rajasthan's Chief Minister & the Department of IT for 'LearnP2P'

Besides the chairman of Manipal Group and the world's youngest billionaire Ritesh Agarwal.

Work and Stack

Currently working broadly in blockchain and decentralized technologies, including L0-3 blockchains, decentralized data storage, computation, and Zero-Knowledge proofs and rollups.

Tech Stack: ETH, Polygon Edge, CosmosSDK, Hashgraph, BSC, IPFS, FEVM, StackOS, Infura, Alchemy, Redis, MongoDB, Docker, AWS, macOS, Linux, and Windows.


Languages:  C, C++, Python, Node.js, Go, Scala, Rust, Solidity, Bootstrap, React, and Vue.

Areas of Interest: Layer-0, decentralization, Indexing and sub-ms queries on decentralized networks, censorship resistance using zk-Proofs, decentralized TEE-based computation.


My story

As someone raised in a family of diverse backgrounds and interests, I have always been inspired by the power of curiosity and experimentation. From a young age, I was drawn to the possibilities of technology and innovation, starting with working on AI/ML at 12, exiting a tech company at 14, to patenting a technology at 16. Building exhilarates me the most. Experimenting day and night propelled me to Threely. Then, Threely spurred me to become a multifaceted entrepreneur.

It was not until I witnessed firsthand the destructive effects of a rigid and traditional educational system in my hometown of Kota, Rajasthan, that I became truly driven to effect change and make a difference. In response to this, I devoted myself to spurring initiatives focused on entrepreneurship and skill-building for young people, with the goal of helping as many students as possible to discover and pursue their passions.

To me, there is nothing more fulfilling than empowering others to realize their full potential and make their mark on the world. I understand the struggles of not being able to express curiosity in a conventional environment, which is why, with every next idea, I strive to enable curious minds to build. I don't know for certain how much impact I have on people's lives, but I do know that it has a powerful rippling effect on every tomorrow. 

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