Personal Summary

I'd like to call myself a 17-year-old entrepreneur. I have deep & extensive knowledge in the fields of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Gaming/Electronic Sports, Neurotechnology, Neuromarketing, User Experience, Business Execution, Mass Media & Public Speaking.

I've been into technology & business since a kid but got into it professionally around 6 years ago when i started playing video games professionally. Making money from video games was my first venture and it excited me to the point that I made it my goal to become a massive businessman.

I started all my projects & ventures independently, from ground zero, self-taught myself basically everything. From building project plans to user interfaces. I learnt the things I know today by experimenting. The sole reason for my success today would be not taking schooling serious & important at all. I believe in acquiring basic knowledge but not unnecessary & impractical knowledge so I learnt the things I wanted to learn solely by myself. The main reason others get caught up is they get stuck up in the traditional systems and

I didn't let my school interfere with my education.

I absolutely love not taking school seriously hence the reason of me promoting the same 'out of the box' mindset amongst others. I believe in the mindset of spreading the same spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity & knowledge to empower more individuals & individuals, primarily my age. I plan to disrupt the traditional systems of education, growth & career in the long term.

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Professional Summary

Threely & EST Capital at World

Blockchain Summit, Taipei.

I'm the Patent Holder, Founder & CEO of Project Threely, Threely drastically bridges the gap between blockchain & its adopters by providing an identifier to blockchain wallet address which makes interacting with them extremely convenient & fluent. Threely’s mission is to provide reliable and streamlined blockchain-based exchange services to everyone with the maximum ease possible. ( Project Threely is a project very dear to me and one of my biggest projects to ever hit the market. 

My Initiative - Innovate Future soon to be renamed & reshaped, focuses on promoting startups & young entrepreneurs around India through skill-building workshops, seminars and startup programs. I'm also working with Delhi's Ministry of Education in Promoting the same to school students across India.


I also co-founded the Learning Hotspot Initiative which got an invitation on board by Rajasthan's Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje & Team at the Rajasthan's biggest hackathon - Digifest Udaipur.

I got invited into Microsoft Student's Partner Program recently & the fun part is only at the age of 17. I'm the world's 4th high-school student selected into Microsoft's Initiative. My on-growing interests in the field of Blockchain, AI & Gaming is helping to generate more awareness on the latest tech through seminars, workshops, hackathons in students & enthusiasts.

For 2020, I plan on starting 2 community-driven ventures. One, an accelerator for a community of individuals & startups which focuses on disrupting the traditional system in the long run. I also plan an AI-Based mindfulness mobile application which is yet again, community-driven. You'll see more of those in the coming months.

Blockchain    Artificial Intelligence    Fintech    IOT    Professional Esports & Gaming 

 Neuromarketing    Neurotechnology    Business Execution    Leadership & Training   Creative Initiatives   Stock & Trading  

People don't know I'm good at..

Since all my ventures & initiatives have been tech-based a few interests of mine get buried under. I also have extensive knowledge in the fields of Psychology & Spirituality. I have extensive knowledge about Neuroeconomics, Neuromarketing & Neuroscience. I've done many short-term programmes from various universities and I'm a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. So all-in-all, I know a lot about the brain, our decisions, thought processes. I've always wanted to explore all the things possible, I've attended many programmes of gurus, psychics, mentors and have discovered many fundamental truths and knowledge about spirituality & mindfulness myself by practising a lot.

How did I end up where I am?

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Classroom Workshop on

Skill Building @

St. Joseph's, Kota

I've always been into exploring new things. Curiosity basically drives me. Whether it is new toys to play with or new gadgets to use, I was always curious about how things worked and making new things out of them. Thanks to my dad, for all the things he bought me which I eventually ended up breaking, but at the end learning from since 7. I experimented a lot, from RC Toys, DIY Robots to making my own AI Bots, RC Planes & a game created in an engine similar to Unity called CryEngine at the age of 11. At 12 I into computing more than mechanical things then got into gaming at the age of 13, I played on very casually Xbox which later on turned into a professional esports journey. Gaming ended up me making a lot of money and popularity in the industry and FPS-RPG-MMO genre. I also created content with more than 1 Million Players interacted with and learnt from. I pursued professional gaming till I was 15 after which I got into Blockchain & AI; what a different shift of fields. Gaming actually helped me figure out a lot of aspects of a business, Most importantly; How to get a person hooked onto something & the psychology behind it. 

Challenges & How I overcame

Luckily all the obstacles I faced, I ended up teaching myself and making the best out of it. I never regret anything and try to learn out of stuff. Mostly, When I started out there were people who didn't believe in the entrepreneurial path that I chose but luckily my family never let me down. I knew i was taking a risk not going to school regularly even though I'm still doing CBSE 12th Grade but I had a passion and I knew I would do something far bigger than wasting my time with the education and schooling system. I've always had curiosity in me which made me pursue all these new things. I never wanted to walk on the traditional path because schooling is regular and doesn't satisfy my wants and what I want to become. I had challenges here and there but I ended up overcoming almost all of them and becoming a better person and businessman.

I've learned that walking on the traditional path isn't what I was built for. I believe in the idea of the growth of humanity as a whole, not just financially but socially in an ecological way. The world is close to falling apart, climate change, financial downfall, social inequality is a plague to humanity. Humanity strives to make the best out of its resources and knowledge. But this decade we're at another test, with the problems which are being faced by us it's very hard not to notice. It's the job of human-kind as a whole to work on these problems. Yet there is nobody to educate the people about them. Definitely not our traditional systems. My long term goal is to make a dent in this impractical traditional system of education, growth & career and put the light on what's important, practical & real-world knowledge for students as a whole.

Personal Interests & Hobbies

I enjoy expanding my knowledge in different fields, hence the reason behind me attending so many programmes and doing courses. Off work, I'd say I enjoy trekking & travelling the most. Spreading positivism & "out of the box" mindset. Learning new things, as I said, Curiosity drives me. No, i don't read books before you ask haha! In a more digital way though, I read news online everyday and podcasts once in a while. For some weird reason, I like scrolling through Reddit news. But yeah, I'm a quite reserved person and I love to learn & spread.


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