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Parth Bhalla’s Workshop on Skill Building & Young Entrepreneurship in India’s Biggest Education Hub

Parth Bhalla conducting Skill Building & Young Entrepreneurship Workshop in LBS School - Kota, Rajasthan

Delhi’s 17 Year old Entrepreneur — Parth Bhalla, Founder of a Blockchain based Project — ProjectThreely & Threely Wallet along with Parth Goswami Recently conducted workshops in two of the most known schools of Kota, Rajasthan — India’s biggest Education Hub on “Skill Building & Young Entrepreneurship”, focusing mainly on students & teenage audience.

The Workshops were held in the well known — LBS Senior Secondary School & St. Joseph’s Public School.

This particular topic is widely ‘trendy’ these years, Especially in India because the people are starting to realise the importance of Job givers. What the young entrepreneur’s focused on was the practical part of implementing this ideology; On how you actually become an Entrepreneur. How to actually come out of the box — Taking the risks, Having a vision & Taking action. The fact that I was lucky enough to share my own stories & being the same age as the students made the workshops richly relatable and eye opening for the students.

Parth Bhalla recently also got associated with Education Ministry of Delhi’s initiative — Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum to promote the same ideology. Parth Bhalla likes to give huge kudos to them for promoting such a new mindset & educating people that there are so many paths to walk on, instead of a few traditional ones.

Parth Bhalla conducting Skill Building & Young Entrepreneurship Workshop in St Joseph’s School — Kota, Rajasthan
It won’t be long till Central Board of Secondary Education implements & promotes this mindset on a greater level. Once again, If Google teaches you anything, it’s that small ideas can be big. — Parth Bhalla

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