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StartAb by IIM Baroda, IIEFA, Vigyana Bharti & more wherein we empower budding entrepreneurs

I'm proud to be a part of StartAb Webinar Series. I Coordinated this entire webinar series - StartAb by Indian Institute of Metals - Baroda & Non Profit Organisations like IIEFA - Industries, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Facilitators & Academia, Vigyana Bharti (Est 1991), Yuva Kaushal Bharat Foundation (YKBF) and Madad Foundation, India with an online webinar series called "StartAb" - wherein we empower budding entrepreneurs by inviting scholars, businessmen & policymakers onboard to discuss upon latest policies like NSIP, STIP, etc.

"National Webinar : StartAb" on National Innovation & Startup Policy (NISP) for Higher Educational Institutions

Mr. Dipan Sahu of MHRD Innovation Cells' presentation was one of the most informative content I've seen in a long time! Mr. anil pratham, Additional Director General of Police, Gujarat helped the young minds identify existing problem with excellent clarity.

This series has over 3000+ Registrants from 15+ Countries ranging from professors, industrialists, scholars, businesses to policy makers, etc.

Glad to the share the space with IIM decision makers & board members - Amol Gokhale, President - IIM & Prof. at IIT Bombay (along with DRDO & NITI Aayog), Kushal Saha, Secretary General - IIM, Dr. Sunil Kahar - Chairman, IIM Baroda & the rest of the hardworking team.

I was the coordinator of all the StartAb webinars while working closely with changemakers from Indian Institute of Metals's Chairman to Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay's Professors, to Ministry of Education to Department of Science & Technology, India.

"National Webinar on Role of Science, Technology & Innovation Policy (STIP)-2020 in Shaping New India" was a success with around 400+ participation from all over India!

Dr. Akhilesh Gupta of Adviser/Scientist-G & Head, STIP-2020 - Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India's presentation was one of the most informative content I've seen in a long time! Along with the panellists & organisers from Vijnana Bharati, IIEFA, Madad Foundation & IIM Baroda.

Discussing upon newly made Indian Policies like STIP 2020 - Science, Technology & Innovation Policy, NSIP 2020- National Innovation & Startup Policy, etc. along with the makers of the policies itself.

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